WIP - Forest Scene

General / 11 January 2018

I've been wanting to make a forest scene based on the hikes I took in Kauai and document the process. I've already started the project, so these next couple of posts will be breaking down some of my previous steps. 

Here's a handful of the photos I took that i'll be using for reference. 

my progress so far with some slapped in lighting. I've mostly been working on the undergrowth ( tall grass, foliage, ferns, moss ) as well as the ground textures and blending.

Overall i'm quite happy with how the elements are starting to work together. There's still a lot of work to be done to hit my target. While most of this is currently slapped together and hand placed I'm in the process of creating a Houdini rig that will get me a good 60-80% on my plant distributions based on a few simulations. Once I've made enough progress there i'll be detailing out some of that process. I haven't quite decided if i'll be using that on this current project or one in the future, I may stick to something a bit more small scale and tailored for this.

The fern undergrowth texture is still in progress, haven't quite finished the substance network for it. But this is giving me a good idea of the geometry shape and cutout. Need to play around with the fern scale a bit and add some variety to their scattered shapes.

My next post i'll be detailing out some of the Photogrammetry work i've done in creating the rocks and the Substance Painter rig that i'll be using for the leaves and ferns.